ObraLink is a company dedicated to the enrichment and transformation of technology in construction work. At ObraLink, we have set out to free the builder from the collection and processing of data in construction projects through automation. We want your primary focus to be on construction, and for your decision-making to be based on real-time information— without weeks or months of delay.

Through ObraLink(LAB) we’re developing technological solutions that, using the industry 4.0 philosophy, will allow us to automate different critical tasks on the job site. CiBot is the first development from our engineering team and automates the progress management of structural construction while delivering concrete strength in a new and robust way. Following CiBot are other innovative solutions that are currently underway, such as a device for measuring displacement in concrete walls and detecting slab deformations in real-time.

Established in August 2019, ObraLink currently has a world-class engineering team made up of professionals from structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering disciplines. Currently headquartered in Santiago, Chile, we have a subsidiary office located in the United Kingdom.