ObraLink Lab

ObraLink LAB is our R&D and production area, through which the process of development, prototyping, and manufacturing of various hardware and software innovations within ObraLink is carried out.

Cibot Production

One of the most important tasks of ObraLink LAB is to lead the manufacturing of all CiBot units, which will be available for monitoring construction projects. This task requires the use of knowledge and manufacturing techniques to make production schemes as efficient as possible. Therefore, advanced manufacturing techniques, such as serial production and 3D printing, must be implemented by the professional team at ObraLink LAB.

3D Printer for Manufacturing and Prototyping

ObraLink uses 3D printing for producing supports and the casing of the computer-controlled pan-tilt that supports and protects the CiBot cameras. Additionally, we use the printers to quickly produce casings or supports for new hardware components that we need to test at work sites, such as wireless thermocouples, which will soon be in production.

Development of LORA and Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sensors

ObraLink LAB, through its R&D team, is constantly exploring new ways to automatically acquire data from the worksite to the end user. Thus, in Q2 2024, we will release our new wireless thermocouples into production, which will allow the measurement of resistance within massive concrete in infrastructure, industrial, and mining projects. Additionally, we are beginning the development of sensors to track workers and materials within work sites.


LIDAR Technology for Geometric Surveying on Site

Thanks to its LIDAR sensor, ObraLink is capable of generating a point cloud from the CiBot installed on the crane. This data is used internally for progress detection and subsequent cross-referencing with BIM. Moreover, we are exploring developments that will allow us to use this information to determine geometric deviations of the worksite and in structural elements such as walls and slab edges.