About Us

ObraLink is a technology service that automates processes and manual tasks in the execution of construction projects to reduce human dependency, lower costs, and shorten timelines in the industry. At ObraLink, we combine technologies such as BIM, computer vision, infrared thermography, and Lidar, which allow us to, among other things, detect construction progress, automate a large part of the planning, and measure concrete strength in real-time. The estimated savings from implementing ObraLink can reach over US$200k for every 10 months of construction in each project.

Our History


Foundation of ObraLink

ObraLink is founded in Santiago, Chile, with the aim of transforming the construction industry through technology.


CiBot development

ObraLink developed the CiBot: an autonomous robot that automates the construction progress detection and real time measurement of concrete strengths. ObraLink's first product and an instant success.


Comercial Beginig

Mid-year, the company begins commercializing Obralink technologies in the construction sector.